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Ways to Donate

Company Matching Gift Programs

Help us to Double Your Donation : Work place Giving Thank you in advance for your generous donation to the Adult Education Center. Many companies of various sizes also offer Matching programs for employees who so generously donate to local causes such as those of the Adult Education Center. It is a corporate giving initiative via which an employer matches the donation made by their employee. For example, if an employee donates $100 to the Adult Education Center, the respective employer will also donate $100 to the Adult Education Center as well. 

Here are a few benefits associated with Employer Matching programs:

1. Matching donations is an easy, structured way for a company to support good work in their communities.

2. Corporate matching gifts are an efficient and straightforward way for companies to build relationships with non-profits such as the Adult Education Center.

3. Corporate Match programs provide the perfect opportunity for transparency, greater efforts and greater good in your community.

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